Friday, 22 October 2010

Oo-er Missus!

In the town centre, near the Law Courts, there is a statue of Queen Victoria.  Pretty standard thing really.  It used to attract 'youth', which hung around it.  This was deemed 'a threat' and the area was fenced off.  Then they cleaned the graffiti away and now it looks quite nice...

However, walk around the side and take a look at her sillouette.  You will see (if you squint) why it is known locally as "Victoria's Knob"!  This is not in any tourist book nor on any official Liverpool website.  If I see tourists nearby I always approach with a smirk and ask "do you want to see the best view of that?".  (It's her mace that creates the impression by the way).


  1. 16 columns and a roof, that's one impressive cover for Vicky's "mace", indeed.

  2. I am quite amused actually !!!