Thursday, 14 October 2010

One of Liverpool's Better Pubs

One of Liverpool's better pubs is in the heart of student land so far enough away from the centre for the atmosphere to change enough for the difference to be noticed.  Ye Cracke is old and attracts the penniless, loners, out of work window-cleaners and those who don't fancy a shiny night out on nearby Hardman Street.  Part of the pub is listed, meaning that it is considered of such architectural merit that is cannot be modified or altered; The War Room is one of many nooks and crannies that make up the pub's interior, which is filled with cheap furniture and nondescript pictures.  Cheap booze and cheap food.  Neither very healthy.  I once washed down a Full English breakfast with a treble vodka and dry ginger here.  I'll not tell you the actual address to keep it unknown.  Becoming well-known would ruin the place.


  1. I so want to see the interior!

  2. do they still have the chess boards inset into some of the tables, with the pieces behind the bar ?
    Adrian Henri a famous poet lived a few doors from there so he would have been a regular I guess