Sunday, 10 October 2010

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

They've gone and built a new car park at the airport.  One of those wheezes where the only way to drive to the airport is to pay for the carpark they have built...  You do get 10 minutes free but if you're collecting someone, you don't know when they'll be out of the terminal, airports being what they are.  So there are dozens of motorists hanging about in the side streets waiting for the text that says "we're out!".  Then they approach...

This does not apply to cyclists, who can sneak under the barrier and get to the roof of the carpark for the purposes of City Daily Photography.  Here is Liverpool John Lennon Airport, home of a mock up of The Yellow Submarine, done in a tilt shift fashion.  I'm quite pleased with it, considering I took it on my mobile phone!


  1. nice pic, but shouldn a sub be in a dock and not in an airport !?

  2. Love it. Nice shot for a mobile phone!