Friday, 1 October 2010

October Theme Day - Graffiti

Great Britain is, to this day, littered with military installations.  Plenty of these date from WW2, when there was a big (and real) fear of a land invasion.  So the authorities built little pill boxes and little observation stations.  Some of these were as fas north as Liverpool (and presumably further north), so great was the threat.  One of the local parks, Clarke Gardens, has one.  Looking pretty grey and functional on the outside, the view inside shows the life it has lived since the war.  Lots of evidence of a different life.  Graffiti too.

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  1. These things were so well built (bomb proof indeed) that they're just about indestructible which is why they're still littering the countryside. Looks like there's been many a "party" in this one.

  2. At least it's inside and not a complete blight on the streetscape.