Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dock Road, Liverpool

A forgotten corner of Liverpool exists to the immediate north of the city centre; Waterloo Road, also known as the Old Dock Road.  Inhabited only by those whose job requires that they go there,which makes the place functional in its appearance and uses.  Now a shadow of its former self, there is still industry around.  It seems to be split between daytime life and night time life.  I went in the night time, probably not the best time in terms of feeling safe (lorries hurtling and shadows threatening), but good in terms of photography opportunities...  For most of its length it is deserted except the odd pub, lorry and depot.

Towards the end of the road is one of the docks where there is still a regular cargo ship to Dublin.  There is a sailing at 2130 every day, freight only.  I was there around 2000, just prior to loading.  Consequently there are dozens of lorries parked up in the road waiting for the call to board.  Surrounding the area is a wealth of cheap boarding houses (not quite skid row, but you would certainly call it a flophouse) and run down looking pubs.  There is also a fair few factories. One produces soya and rapeseed products which makes for a large and pungent smell which hangs around the docks year round. 

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