Sunday, 31 October 2010

Car Park in Town

Yesterday I had to go into town to get my eyes tested (results: still rubbish vision...) and collect a new vacuum cleaner (Oh! The life I lead...).  It was too bulky to take the train so I had to drive and park underneath the shop in the new Liverpool One Shopping Megapolis.  It was very clean and modern and, at 8 in the morning - usefully for me - deserted.  Clean lines in the car park steps too.  It was like ascending to the heavens, the path lit before your feet and pristine marble floors.  Makes buying a hoover more pleasant anyway...  And it's a lot better that the wee stained stairwells filled with drunks and dead-beats that the pebble-dashed concrete carparks of old used to be like.  Though I would like to have snapped some of those dens of filth...

1 comment:

  1. Well lit for a parking garage. Nice photo.