Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Art Deco at the top of Hardman Street

Destroyed by fire in the early 1930s and rebuilt soon after, The Philharmonic Hall is a good example of Art Deco architecture.  Liverpool has some buildings in this style, although many of its greatest buildings were erected in a neoclassical style many years before when Liverpool's slavery/shipping was at its height.

This pic shows one of the staircases in said hall.  There are two of them, one either side.  And inside is one of the few remaining rising-from-beneath-the-stage organs in the world.


  1. I love stairwells (and elevator shafts) that jut out from buildings like this, but only when they're well-designed, of course. The stage & organ sounds fascinating — must make for a very dramatic entrance for the musician.

  2. Its been the setting for some cool rock acts too, Buddy Holly and the Stones both played here....but without the organ !

  3. I forget how many decades ago it was that I got my degree in this hall. I do remember there's a fantastic Victorian pub opposite, notable for it's urinals!