Tuesday, 12 October 2010

80a Bus, Hardman Street. (Apologies to Cartier-Bresson)

While I was waiting for a regular appointment in town (Tuesdays, 7.00pm) I was papping away with my phone camera (I'll have to take my compact one of these days) and got this.  Quick bit of photoshopping later and there you have it.  Sorry, Henri.

Hardman Street is one of the main routes into and out of town.  A steep hill, there was a student cyclist pushing his bike upwards.  Mainly bars and restaurants, busier with students at night from around tea time, when the area is filled with busses and fumes and students book-bound from or to the nearby library.  This was the 80a which ends up in Liverpool John Lennon Airport, via The Suburbs.


  1. All you needed was a puddle and you would have had a real decisive moment. Still and all its a neat moment to capture