Wednesday, 22 September 2010


A view along the river from the corner of the Albert Dock.  One of Liverpool's regenerated in the 1980's places.  It used to host Fred's Weather Map as used on This Morning before they all went South to London.  Students used to jump across onto it to scavenge the coins that people used to throw onto it...  It still has the Tate Gallery though, which gets some decent artists every now and then.  The pictured part is away from the throbbing tourist hordes and runs along the riverfront itself, which makes for an almost hidden place.  Nice for a walk or a shifty smoke if you're working in the Albert Dock..


  1. Great lighting on this image... Well done.

    Houston Daily Photo

  2. What a beautiful night shot!

    It looks very peaceful and the view is lovely, but I think I'd be scared to be walking there at night all by my lonesome.

    Welcome to the CDP community! Looking forward to learning more about Liverpool through your eyes.

  3. bienvenue pour ce nouveau daily photo
    j'aime le contraste sur tes photos