Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Garston Docks

Machinery at Garston Docks.  This was taken early evening, with a chill (ish) in the air.  Still light enough to go cycling though.  This was on my route.  The docks still the see occasional ship, though they are too far down river where it becomes too shallow for any of the really big ships to ever come this far.  The docks are quite old, originally built in the 1850s by railway companies  located further inland.  Presumably this means they handled raw cotton destined for the mills of Manchester, Macclesfield and other places which boomed in the Industrial Revolution.  

There is a road leading from the docks called Window Lane.  On this street, my neighbour tells me, a young sailor could buy anything his heart desired.  Brothels, nightclubs, pubs, tailors, tattoo parlours, barbers - it was all there.


  1. Great shot! Welcome to the CDP family

  2. Nice early evening pic. Not been to Liverpool in a few years, went to the Philharmonic, the pub not the music place last time I was over there.
    Rob and Mandy beat me to it, welcome to the CDP. Leeds daily photo Paul.