Monday, 20 September 2010

Elysian Fields

Always busy with tourists snapping one another, Strawberry Fields used to be a children's home run by the Salvation Army (they also got an annual visit/donation from Yoko Ono too), but has since closed down.  John Lennon's house was just around the corner on Menlove Avenue and John used to nip up there (it would have been just at the back of his house) as a kid.  The graffiti adds to the effect now, yet the council and the Salvation Army seemed content to let it slowly rot.  So a kind chap from Manchester visited the site and set to with his paintbrushes.

It's in a lovely setting, all overgrown with trees and with dank, mossy walls on either side.  On a steep hill opposite a Catholic Boys' school.  Shady in the cummer and cold in the winter.   The council put in speed bumps which help lessen the traffic noise too...

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