Monday, 27 September 2010

Earl's Off Licence

Not far from Toxteth (more on this area to come no doubt) is a parade of shops called Mrytle Parade.  I used to live in various flats and student hovels in the area during my 'youth' and went in here a great deal.  It is known to all as "Earl's".  Earl is the owner - which may or may not be his real name.  I have enlarged a portion of his shopfront to give you an idea of the way Earl deals with the world.  The shop contains, amidst all the cheap booze, a miasmic fug which must be something to do with what Earl smokes in the back.  And reggae with a very deep bassline, which must aid Earl in the creation of that fug. 

Upon entry, you notice that everything is behind one inch of plexiglass.  You have to rouse Earl from his soporific torpor to get him to bring you anything from his shelves.  The usual response from him is "Wha' you waaa?"  He then trudges to collect whatever it was you asked for and then mumbles the cost at you.  You then beat a hasty retreat - Mrytle Parade is not a place to hang around after dark.  This may explain the threatening sign he has placed in the window.  Those in the know are aware that Earl is usually so stoned as to render any counterattack from him useless.  When we were poor students though, we took him at his word, after all, the stoned demeanour may have all been an act. 

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